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Will Brazilian People Support Atletico?

FIFA World Cup in Brazil comes within 30 days and Neymar Jr. the “Local Messi” struggles with injury: around a month ago at the Copa del Rey final he got injured and Barcelona doctors expect him to come back against Atletico Madrid to save the season. He said that if he is able, he will be there to aid his club. 13111_neymar Barca needs Neymar as for the 5 games against the League leaders he was the only one to find the net. That was not enough as the Catalans could not get any advantage out of it: Atletico relegated them in the Champions League and they currently the leaders of La Liga.

What does FIFA say in this matter? Players participating the World Cup can not play official games after this week. The clubs and national teams should release them to a 9 days holiday and they can start camping only after that. That is the general rule, but players participating at the Champions League Finals in Lisbon next week should remain at the club.

So Neymar wants to play, Barca wants him to play, but what about the rest of the World? Well, as for Brazil, peope and FA employees, sponsors and maybe even FIFA – they do not want him to be on the pitch on Saturday as he is the Number One celebrity in the Host country. Not Messi, not Ronaldo, but this young fellow, who they expect to win the World Cup trophy for his home country. Looking at the squad, basically he is the only one able to do this. According to Marca, Neymar Sr. might have a decision in this matter and he is strongly against risking a new injury.

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