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Guardiola Had an Affair With Ribery. Hummels With The Ref.

5 things to remember from the German Cup Final Pep Guardiola helps wherever he can. Franck Ribery suffered in pain in the second half in the German Cup final when Pep suddenly turned into a physiotherapist and this strange thing happened:

That’s not all, details about the match come after the read more button!Mandzukic might have played his last game in Bayern Munich. It wasn’t the cup final which he missed because of his lack of discipline. Hummels from Dortmund scored in regular time but the ref didn’t see it. Bayern’s Dante cleared a header on the line but it seems clear that the ball went way beyond the line.

The goalles game went into extra-time where Robben scored the only goal. Weidenfeller made some critical saves during the game, but the goal was a critical mistake of him.

He released the ball too quickly making Boateng able to tackle Grosskreutz close to the penalty area. Boateng crossed the ball and Robben scored a nutmeg goal.

Mats Hummels is really close to sign a deal with Manchester United. Louis van Gaal reportedly wants him badly.

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