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If You Want To Humiliate Someone, Ask Paul-George Ntep For Help

Paul-George Ntep has done what a bitter rivalry demands from a forward. Rennes has been already two goals ahead against Reims when Ntep took advantage of a huge mistake from a defender.

Ntep showed some, speed stole a ball, and beat the goalkeeper but instead scoring a simple goal, he rolled the ball over the line with his head. Disrespectful between lads, disrespectful between professional athletes, but it was a Reims-Rennes.


Ntep was lucky that the defender who chased him was lazy to get revenge, but the Cameroon-borned striker became instantly infamous, anyway. Ntep is a member of France U21 team (he has six goals on eigth appearances), and has already attracted interests from teams like Arsenal, Roma and Manchester United. But this is the moment which really put him on the map.

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