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This Penalty Was a Disgrace, But Neymar Almost Missed It

After the terrible decison of Yuichi Nishimura Neymar took the lead for Brazil. Fred dived in the box while fighting with Lovren in the 71st minute and the referee called a penalty. A really soft one. The opener could easily be his last game in the World Cup.

Neymar’s penalty was more like a drama. He danced around the ball, tried to mess up Stipe Pletikosa, but he messed up himself instead, and Pletikosa almost saved his shot. Justice was close. The match started with Marcelo’s own goal, Croatia had a really good game, but Neymar equalized in the first half. That shot could have been saved by Pletikosa too. In the final minutes Oscar scored the third Brazilian goal. The result might suggest that it was an easy match for Brazil, but it wasn’t.


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