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Brazil Doesn’t Want Him to Knock on Their Doors Again

Wesley Sneijder was that kind of footballer in 2010. He won Coppa Italia, Serie A, Champions League and earned the nickname „Sniper” because of the tremendous ability to score from long distance. And he was close to win it all.

Sneijder was already solid at the group stage in South Africa, but he became a beast when it really mattered. In round of 16 he scored against Slovakia and in the Quarter-finals he won the game with a double after Robinho had taken an early lead for Brazil. Sneijder is just 170 cm and one of the goals was a header.

Key players deliver in key games and Sneijder didn’t stop. In the Semi-finals he scored a game-winner against Uruquay. The Netherlands finished Runners-up, but Sneijder was one of the World Cup’s top scorer with 5 goals. And he is just 30-year-old now.

The Netherlands kick off their World Cup campaign against title holders Spain today.

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