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There Is No Cuauhteminha, But He Scores – A Lot

Do You Remember Luis Hernandez or Cuahtemoc Blanco with his legendary move? He was famous for trapping the ball between his feet and jumping through the defenders. Those two guys were the main players and best goal scorers of Mexico in the last decade, but both of them are above 40.

Without the former leaders El Tri is suffering and desperately seeking new icons. Just before the World Cup Bosnia could easily defeate them and it wasn’t the most shameful part. The colliding Layún and Brizuela was even more embarassing.

In Group A Chicharito can make the difference for Mexico. Chicharito a.k.a. Javier Hernandez scored two goals in 2010 and seems an undisputed starter in 2014. In 58 caps he has 35 goals. He is clutch. He scored this one against Argentina in 2010.

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