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Greece Is Tough To Watch But They Need Only One Goal. It’s Happened Before

After two matches Greece has given one of the poorest performances in the World Cup. They did not score a goal against Colombia (3-0) and Japan (0-0). Despite this Greece has the chance to reach the knockout stage if they win over Ivory Coast. The Greek national squad can be the first team in World Cup history (since 32 teams are allowed) which earn the playoff with one scored goal if they win 1-0 against The Elephants. In Group F two teams also have the chance to win this doubtful award (Nigeria and Iran).

Two goals were enough three times in history; England performed the miracle twice (2002, 2010) Ghana once (2010) . In 1986 Poland advanced with one goal, but four best third place finishers also went to the knockout stage.

Watch Poland’s single goal in 1986, they were beaten by Brazil in Round of 16.

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