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Coates condemns Ramsey ‘limp’ chants

AaronRamseyCharlieAdam - cropped Aaron Ramsey and Charlie Adam (source: Getty Images)

Stoke chairman Peter Coates has criticised home fans who aimed derogatory chants towards Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey during Sunday’s 0-0 Premier League draw at the Britannia Stadium.

Wales international Ramsey sustained a horrific broken leg following a challenge from Stoke defender Ryan Shawcross during a fixture between the two sides six years ago.

That match was one example of the typically feisty encounters Arsenal have been involved in on their trips to Stoke since the latter club entered the Premier League for the 2008-09 season.

A section of the City fans booed Ramsey throughout the weekend match and sang: “Aaron Ramsey, he walks with a limp.”

Coates did not hear the chant but condemned those responsible in quotes given to the Guardian newspaper.

“You’re telling me something that I’m completely unaware of,” Coates said. “I’ve no idea that chant had taken place, but we wouldn’t approve of it at all.

“I don’t think it’s a minority of fans; I know it’s a minority. People chant all sorts of awful things at all sorts of grounds, which I dislike.

“But do I approve of that sort of chanting? Of course I don’t.”

Arsene Wenger told reporters he “shut my ears” to such abuse after the match and Coates is in agreement with Arsenal manager’s approach.

“You go around football grounds and hear some chanting I don’t like,” he added. “I wish they didn’t do it but how do you control these things? You can’t.

“The best thing is to shut your ears in a way, like he [Wenger] said: switch off and ignore it as best you can.”

In 2010, Alex Ferguson implored Manchester United fans to cease their abuse of Wenger in his matchday programme notes but Coates is unsure whether Stoke drawing attention to this issue would have the desired effect.

“I think the sooner we forget about these things the better, [otherwise] I think all you do is almost keep it going,” he continued.

“But this is not something we would want our supporters to be doing.”

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