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Carlo’s Angels? Napoli boss poses for unusual photograph

CarloAncelotti - cropped Carlo Ancelotti (L) and Aurelio De Laurentiis (R) pose for an unusual photo (source: Getty Images)

Carlo Ancelotti has been around for a long time, but he may have experienced a first after being appointed Napoli coach.

The veteran tactician took over from Maurizio Sarri on a three-year contract on Wednesday, and his appointment was followed by a photo shoot that was a departure from the typical “manager holds scarf in the air” approach.

Rather than posing with Napoli memorabilia, Ancelotti went back-to-back with club president Auerlio De Laurentiis for a photo that looks like a trailer for an unlikely┬áreboot of ‘Charlie’s Angels’.

It remains to be seen if any other clubs decide to follow Napoli’s lead…

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